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Navigating Updates on Clopidogrel Management


Speaker:  Dr. Gregorio Martinez

Sponsor: Sanofi

The Role of Fixed Dose Combination Therapy in the Treatment of Hypertension, Optimizing BP Control and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease


Speaker: Dr. Ailen Albaña-Tamargo

Sponsor: GX International, Inc.


Dr. Simonette Sawit

Dr. Edward-Benjie Magsombol

Dr. Ailen Albaña-Tamargo 

Maintaining Renal Function in AF Patients on Oral Anticoagulation


Speaker: Dr. Hans Albert Bautista

Sponsor: Bayer

Reversing Vascular Damage with GAGs


Speaker: Dr. Eugene Reyes

Sponsor: Corbridge

Advancing Excellence in AF and VTE Patient Care


Speaker: Professor Alexander Cohen

Sponsor: Pfizer

10 years of the Accute Myocardial Infarction

Program of TMC - “Dealing with AMI, the TMC way”


Speaker: Dr. Jose Paolo Prado

Preserving the Future: EMPEROR - Preserved

Speaker: Dr. Adriel Guerrero

Sponsor: Boerhinger Ingelheim

State of the art management: Acute, chronic and advance heart failure

Dr. Bernard Benjamin Albano

A-NEU (new)-RYSMS: A Discussion on the Updates and the Role of EVAR in the Management of Patients with AAA


Speaker: Dr. Rowena Ona

Dr. Glenny Advincula

Sports cardiology: what to look for during

Screening prior to sports anD execise participation?


Speaker: Dr. Lucky Cuenza

Dapagliflozin The Next Chapter


Speaker: Dr. Glenny Advincula

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